Mayella Beauty & Brains Tisane 40gms

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Mayella Beauty & Brains Tisane

Roses have a long and romantic history as a treasured bloom throughout the ages and found even as fossils 35 million years old. Often symbolising love, showering abundant blessings with their petals used as confetti in celebrations and at weddings, Roses have long been respected for their medicinal and therapeutic qualities. It is these properties we embrace in our Herbal Tisanes.

Mayella Beauty & Brains is a tribute to the healing and therapeutic properties of Roses. Stirring your senses with the aroma of delicately dried petals wafting up to greet you as soon as you open the container to make your tea. Blended artfully with Australian Lemon Myrtle and Rosehips to powerfully rejuvenate, nourish and uplift your immune sysytem and your spirit. 

Organic hand crafted botanicals and herbs for our Mayella Beauty & Brains are carefully selected and dried, then combined for a refreshing rosy tisane to boost physical vitality and enhance metal clarity, focus and memory. 

A natural antiseptic and tonic, sipping Beauty & Brains will create a sense of calm and relaxation. High in minerals calcium, zinc and magnesium and a source of Vitamin C, every cup offers a delicious way to ensure you are looking after your cardio vascular health including stregthening and repair of blood vessels, maintaining healthy blood pressure and heart muscle. As a potent antioxidant, having a daily dose of Vitamin C helps to neutralise free radicals and the ageing oxidative damage from exposure to pollution, stress, blue light (mobile phones, computers) toxins and chemicals in our environment. Vitamin C is actively involved with collagen formation, important for healthy joints, ligaments and supple wrinkle free skin. 

- Rich in Vitamins A, C & E to support and boost the immune system and healthy youthfulness.

- From container to teapot, Natures perfume of roses and lemon myrtle wafts up to romance your soul and inpsire your thoughts.

- Vitamin C can help with iron absorption, wound healing and the synthesis of collagen - important for skin elasticity and tone.

- Enjoy Beauty & Brains hot or cold any time of the day.

- Gentle detox and helpful in warding off infections - colds, flu, sinus, throat.

- Helpful in overcoming and providing relief from headaches, muscle spasms and cramps. 

- Reduce stress, fatigue and ageing free radical damage with every sip.


How tomake the perfect tea:

Boil the water and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Add 1 heaped teaspoon per person of Mayella loose leaf tisane into a teapot or coffee press. Once the water is just off the boil so it won't scald the tea, pour into pot and let the herbs infuse for 5 minutes before pouring. Choose to top up your tea once you have poured the first time in order for the tea to infuse perfectly in time for a second pouring if desired.


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