Mayella Cleansing Serum 15ml

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Mayella Cleansing Serum

Infused with the active benefits of aromatherapy pure essential oils, Mayella Cleansing Serum has been formulated as a refreshing daily cleanser with pure organic ingredients that makes it idealy suitable for all skin types and ages.

A pure Vegan formula with bio-active botanicals combine for a gentle and revitalizing daily cleansing serum. Pumped with the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C to invigorate and regenerate as you cleanse. Organic plant oils gently condition and detoxify the skin, decongesting and lifting debris deep out of the pores. Leaving your skin refreshed and beautifully clean.

Our Australian Native Superfruit extracts and aromatherapy essential oils help strengthen and repair distressed skin that can be caused by poor health. Allergies, gut imbalances and autoimmune disorders, all affect how your body functions and absolutely reflects in your skin appearance and health too. Our Cleansing Serum is gentle enough for all skin conditions without losing the outcome of a revitalised and renewed complexion with this effective cleanser.

The aromatic freshness and antibacterial properties of pure organic citrus esssential oils gently work together with the botanical active-ingredients without stripping the skin’s natural oils and or upsetting the acid mantle. Right from the very first steps in your skin care routine, with every cleanse you are creating healthy more radiant skin. 

Mayella Cleansing Serum effectively:

  • Removes make-up and sunscreen

  • Decongests blocked pores and reduce blackheads

  • Helps to detoxify environmental pollution and excess sweat and dirt of the day

  • Improves the appearance and condition of tired, dull skin

  • Assists to calm and heal inflamed spots, breakout, irritation

  • Improves capillary damage or spider lines

  • Balances dry and dehydrated skin

  • Refreshes and revitalises tired, dull skin for more radiant skin

  • Helps to balance combination skin conditions and excess oil

  • Brightens and smooths 






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