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Mayella Living Coconut Serving Bowl

A truely eco-friendly and sustainable way to eat is out of these food safe and ultra stylish natural coconut shell bowls.

Mayella Living coconut serving shells are made useful from the harvesting of coconut's for the coconut flesh, water and milk from the provinces of Vietmam and country of Indonesia.

Coconuts in have so many wonderfully varied health attributes as food - coconut water, oil and white Flesh. The Coconut wood and shell have a lovely texture and are warmly appealing in appearance. On so many sensory levels the use of coconut as a serving bowl is connecting to the joy of eating a good and nourishing meal. 


  • Food Safe
  • Hand made from 100% Natural Coconut Shell
  • Natural Finish - polished with pure coconut oil
  • Lightweight & easy to clean
  • Suitable for hot and cold foods
  • Each Bowl uniquely beautiful in it's own size, shape, markings and imperfections. 
  • Breakfast, Smoothie bowls,  Snacks and Salads, Curries and Soups.
  • The size of the bowls make it naturally easy to enjoy portion controllled meals. 

Sustainably hand made in Vietnam and Indonesia, supporting small family businesses.

Length:  Diameter: 13.5cm, depth: 6 cm - the Coconut Shell's will vary in size slightly naturally which adds to their uniqueness.

Care Instructions:

Handwash only with water or mild eco friendly detergents. Don't leave sitting in water.

Not dishwasher safe.
Not to be used in the microwave. 

Not for storage of foods, we suggest for immediate serving of foods. 

The shell bowl may start to look dry over time, coconut oil rubbed into the wood inside and out will bring it back to life and help to preserve its strength. 


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