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Mayella Fibre Cloths

Strong and soft to your skin, Mayella Fibre Cloths are ideal for daily use. A silky smooth, non abrasive cloth for all skin types even the most sensitive.

Our plant based fibre cloths are compactly carried in a perfect size reusable bag for home, the gym, sport or travel bag making it easy for you to use them wherever you go, no matter what your day or lifestyle demands.

 Hygenic and reusable, you will be able to reuse one cloth around 4 - 8 times so it will last a minimum of 3 - 4 days morning and night. The open weave of Mayella fibre cloths help to gently lift out debris, congestion, make up, from your pores and leave your skin refreshed. 

Rinse well after each use and hang to dry. Absolutely perfect for when you travel as they dry so quickly.

If wearing more than a light make up, you may want to hand rinse out with a gentle liquid soap. However you will find the cloths rinse super well and don't hold onto most make ups unless they have a high mineral oil content.

If you are experiencing regular heavy break out or acne skin, try using one a day or one per cleanse to avoid recontamination of infection. This practice will help to clear inflammation, infection and breakout cycles.

Our fibre cloths are your best friend as they are so soft and gentle when cleansing skin with painful breakout or acne. It is so important to cleanse daily with breakout and acne to help balance the acid mantle and reduce congestion and you will find using Mayella Fibre Cloths will help to effectively remove build up of daily toxins, make up, flakey skin, oily residue. 

And remember, never go to bed with the dirt of the day on your face!

- Soft and gentle to use on even the most sensitive skins

- Reusable

- Perfect travel companions

- Help to avoid recontamination of infection for breakout and acne conditions

- Hygenic

- Gentle around delicate eye area.

- Put your Mayella Organics Skin care in the washable mesh travel bag with your fibre cloths when you travel





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