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Mayella Ginger Kisses

The ancient practice of blending specific herbs and botanicals for health and healing, over centuries has become an art and therapy for pleasure. Mayella Tisanes are an aromatic combination of just this - Tisanes for health, healing and pure pleasure.

Organic hand crafted botanicals and herbs are carefully dried and combined in Mayella Ginger Kisses for a delicous, slightly spicy tisane to warm and uplift the senses. A grounding aromatic blend that helps to promote circulation, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.

Gently warming and high in Vitamin C, Mayella Ginger Kisses supports blood vitality and circulation, promoting antibody formation and a healthy immune system. Perfect when the seasonal coughs and colds start to circulate, Ginger Kisses may help to boost resistance to and overcome infection.

Improved circulation and vitality also help to serve our digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients, warm the kidneys helping to extend better circulation to the reproductive organs, warm cold hands and feet and feed the brain with better blood flow. Some people report feeling a warm glow all over with Mayella Ginger Kisses. 

Ginger has a long history of helping with pregnancy induced nausea and is known for its ability to help with heavy menstrual bleeding, cramps, bloating and reducing general discomfort. Together with Lemongrass and Calendula to heal, soothe and gently cleanse, Ginger Kisses is a natural anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Drinking Mayella Ginger Kisses regularly before and during menstrual bleeding may be helpful in reducing severity of symptoms, discomfort and heaviness of flow experienced monthly with menstrual cycles. 

- Boosts metabolism and helps to burn stored energy = fat! 

- Enjoy hot or cold over ice with a slice of lemon or poured with mineral water in summer.

- Perfect to enjoy just before eating or with meals to help with digestion, reduce bloating and easing that full and heavy feeling.

-  Delicious hot in Winter to warm your body to the core and improve circulation.

- Ginger kisses is beneficial in helping to relieve nausea, either from travelling or as with pregnancy and morning sickness.

- Improve your immune system and help to prevent illness with antibody forming herbs.

- As a natural anti-inflammatory and decongestant, Ginger Kisses may be helpful for improving conditons such as arthritis, muscular skeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia, celiac, irritable bowel, asthma. 

- Caffeine free, organic and 100% pure plants only. 


How to make the perfect tea:

Boil the water and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Add 1 heaped teaspoon per person of Mayella loose leaf tisane into a teapot or coffee press. Once the water is just off the boil so it won't scald the tea, pour into pot and let the herbs infuse for 5 minutes before pouring. Choose to top up your tea once you have poured the first time in order for the tea to infuse perfectly in time for a second pouring if desired.


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