Mayella Meta Matcha 100gms

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Mayella Meta Matcha

Made with Organic Camellia Sinensis whole leaf for a refreshing and highly energising tea. Effectively improves alertness and energy levels with up to 10 times the nutritional and antioxidant value of standard Green Tea. 

Tea, especially Green Tea, is a traditional tea enjoyed daily by millions around the world. Camellia Sinesis is the one plant from where green, black, white, teas, including Matcha tea, are all derived. 

The distinctive Matcha powder is unique in that the whole aged and dried leaf of Camellia Sinensis is ground into a powdered form and used in this form for drinking and eating, rather than the brewed leaf in water. Making it much higher in concentration and potency of nutritional values. Matcha meaning "powdered tea" is nutrient dense with its own smoother, slightly earthy green tea flavour and multitude of health giving properties.

High levels of caffeine and amino acids in Mayella Meta Matcha create balanced energy and an alert calm - not the jittery or dehydrating effect many experience with a few cups of coffee. Rich in catechin polyphenols, Mayella Meta Matcha boosts the immune system and induces a sense of happy wellbeing. These same polyphenols boost the metabolism and help to burn stored energy - fat!

- Antioxidant and polyphenol rich properties of Mayella Meta Matcha are detoxifying and antiageing. 

- Enjoy as a hot beverage as a matcha latte or cold in smoothies, iced tea and frappes. 

- Add to raw cakes, slices and bliss balls for added nutrition and higher energy levels.

- 2-3 grams in a beverage or foods increase metabolism and may help with weight loss.

- Unique phytonutrients in Matcha induce a positive sense of wellbeing and blissful energy.


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