Mayella Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip 15ml

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Mayella Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip

A unique combination of concentrated botanicals, marine algae polyphenols, aromatherapy essentials and pure plant oils rich will nourish and nurture your skin to glowing health and vitality.

Our combination of ancient time proven ingredients and science based efficacy for delivery of replenishing and protective botanical actives makes Mayella Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip an essential step in your daily skin care routine. Every application of this gentle vegan formulation absorbing quickly to feed your skin. 

Pomegranate, Hemp, Aloes, Sea Buckthorn, Carrot and Tsabuki lovingly provide a natural source of nutrients high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to protect against ageing free radical damage. Stimulating healthy blood flow, maintaining cellular hydration, regulating enzyme activity, promoting elasticity and collagen production. 

Abundant in plant actives that are antiageing, regenerative and healing, we have formulated Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip as a light in weight and non oily texture to gently moisturise your skin to its best potential. 

The Australian Native Superfruits in Mayella Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip stimulate immunity, creating a healthy cell resilience to overcome and protect against the daily traumas and stresses of everyday life. From UV rays and pollution, to blue light from phones and computer screens.  

Daily application of this light in weight supports production and the preservation of collagen and elastin fibres to improve skin tightness, firmness, brightness and smoothness. 

- Mayella Multi Vitamin Whip feels silky soft and soothing as you apply 1-2 pumps, quickly absorbing as you massage gently in.

- Wear daily to moisturise your skin to perfection.

- Apply as a natural primer, hydrating with non oily texture under make up.

- Delicious for sensitive and delicate skins to calm and nourish.

- Pure and natural vegan formula with no nasties.

- Eliminate dry, flaky skin, soothe and calm redness. 

- Skin will look and feel moist and hydrated.

- Apply Mayella Vitamin C Lift & Vitamin B Lotions over Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip to intensify the healing, antioxidant qualities in times of stress, seasonal changes and as you beautiful skin requires more nourishment.






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