Mayella Olivane Repair Serum - Spice Infusion 15ml

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Mayella Olivane Repair Serum - Spice Infusion

Infused with pure spice aromatherapy essential oils and botanicals to build skin integrity, improve circulation and revitalize. Mayella ® Olivane Repair Serum - Infusion Spice is formulated specifically to achieve a clearer complexion and healthy glowing skin.

The wholistic action of the botanical ingredients forming our nourishing repair serum warms and soothes dry, tired skin. Antioxidant rich, Infusion Spice protects against ageing oxidative stress, rebalancing cells for brighter, smoother more radiantly healthy skin. Organic botanicals and Australian Native Superfruit intensify the deeply calming and hydrating properties of Infusion Spice that can be felt immediately. 

Form Men, such are the healing properties of Olivane Repair Serum - Infusion Spice, you can apply directly after shaving to calm and soothe, leaving you with smooth, soft, supple skin. Oh and smelling so very good.

The delicious Spice Infusion of organic pure aromatherapy essential oils uplifts the skin as well as the mind, improving colour and vitality instantly invoking a warm sense of well-being. 


Mayella ® Olivane Repair Serum – Infusion Spice effectively:

  • Absorbs to the deeper layers of the epidermis to nourish young growing cells
  • Offers a rejuvenation treatment to tired, dull skin
  • Improves elasticity and balanced moisture levels to achieve a youthful glow
  • Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Strengthens skin integrity and immunity to prevent premature ageing  
  • Encourages circulation whilst decongesting skin and blood vessels
  • Acts as a natural aftershave serum for men



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