Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion 15ml

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Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion

Organic bio-active ingredients combine in a delicate lotion to refine pigmentation, balance oil flow and actively repair damaged skin cells. Australian Native extracts with Vitamin B3, pure botanical and aromatherapy essences encourage hydration and healing.

Vitamin B3 effectively helps to preserve enzyme activity for healthy skin function, improve hydration and disrupt the buildup of pigmentation. B3 combined with the superfruits ability of our Australian Native extracts to further disrupt the production of pigmentation, makes Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion a natural skin lightener. Naturally improve skin tone and pigmentation that may have resulted form UV exposure, topical applications, hormone imbalances from medications, pregnancy, puberty and illness.

Pure organic Damascus Rose, Lavender and Bergamot deliciously offer supreme cellular hydration and healing as they work to clear congestion from tissues and act as a natural antibiotic to damaged skin cells. Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion helps to clear the skin as it nourishes and hydrates.

- Refine pigmentation and discolouration naturally without chemical bleaches.

- Balance irregular oil flow and help to clear congestion.

- Improve hydration for smoother, soft skin.

- Reduce inflammation and redness from sun, capillary damage or rosacea.

- Pure botanical extracts and aromatherapy essences help to balance oil flow and support hydration.

-  Perfect daily reglator against break out, managing congestion and the combination skintype condition.




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