Mayella Vitamin B Vital Lotion 15ml

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Mayella Vitamin B Vital

Plant based formulation perfect for boosting skin vitality, increasing hydration and circulation. Organic aromatherapy essences, B3 and Australian Native superfruits boost skin immunity and improve the tone and appearance of tired, dull skin. 

Pure Cinnamon, Ginger and Orange essential oils warm and improve circulation, promoting healthy immune function of the skin and creating a healthy glow, something tired or overwhelmed skin finds difficult. Mayella Vitamin B Vital is all about creating vitality!

The focus of our slightly spicy Vitamin B Vital Lotion is to repair, regulate and hydrate suppressed skin. Tired, overwhelmed skin can happen through hectic, non stop busy or stresfuul lifestyle, dietary deficiencies or not so good choices around eating habits, sickness and recovery from anesthetics and medications. Simply being indoors continuously without fresh air and no healthy exposure to sunlight can lead to tired, dull skin. 

The bio actives in Mayella Vitamin B VItal support energy producton and a resulting healthy radiance, a glow, from stimulation of the microcirculation encouraging nourishment and nutrition to the epidermis. Feeding your skin cells!

For Men, post shaving applying Mayella Vitamin B Vital will help to calm inflammation and rashes with an instant soothing action when applied over Mayella Olivane Repair Serum - Infusion Spice. This is THE ultimate combination in Mens antioxidant and repair healthy skin care.

- Encourages a healthy glow and revitalise tired skin.

- Boosts hydration and protects from moisture loss.

- Promotes healthy skin tone and firmness.

- Apply daily over Mayella Olivane Repair Serum - Infusion Spice to nourish, regenerate and protect dull, tired skin.

- Stimulate healthy circulation and improve skin vitality.

- Clear congestion and reduce pigmentation, uneven skin tone.



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