Mayella Vitamin C Lift Serum 15ml

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Mayella Vitamin C Lift Serum

A beautiful highly absorbant serum for a super immune boost to fight oxidatve stress and improve skin radiance. Aromatherapy essential oils and our Australian Native Kakadu Plum, high in Vitamin C reduce the appearance of fine lines, uplift and vitalise the skin. 

Mayella Vitamin C Lift formulated with Kakadu Plum, the worlds highest known source of Vitamin C is blended with organic citrus aromatherapy essences, together clearing congestion and supporting the vital activity of collagen and elastin synthesis. Mayella Vitamin C Lift is a key ingredient in the fight to reducing wrinkles and fine lines, actively helping to reduce the impact of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is created by the activity of free radicals. Free radicals result from sun exposure, pollution, cigarette smoke, mental stress and anxiety, blue light form phones and computers etc and lead to a break down of collagen and hyaluronic acid - our skin firming and plumping angels.

The action of Vitamin C with collagen synthesis makes Mayella Vitamin C Lift the perfect serum to assist with healing of scarring eg from post acne skin, or pre and post cosmetic procedure. 

A vegan 100% plantbased serum with vitamin rich pure cold pressed rosehips, superfruit Australian Native extracts, uplifting and energising aromatherapy essential oils for their antiviral and antibacterial clearing properties. Combined with our heroine ingredient Olivane™ present in all of our skin food range of skin care. Mayella Vitamin C Lift is specially created to supply a topical abundantce of antioxidants and plant actives for daily prevention of free radical damage.

- Apply daily to fight the effects of environmental trauma such as pollution and UV damage.

- Organic bio-active ingredients combine for a vitamin rich, radiance boosting serum.

- Daily protection from everyday free radical exposure with pure citrus botanical essences to uplift and strengthen.

- Mayella Vitamin C Lift daily to assist with healing of scarring eg from post acne skin, or pre and post cosmetic procedure.

- Combine Mayella Vitamin B Active with Vitamin C Lift to reduce inflammation and sensitivity with skin irritations and rashes and especially after sun, sun burn, after ski, solar glare burn, wind burn!

- Help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles with improved collagen and hyaluronic stimulation

- Strong antioxidant activity to protect and preserve skin integrity.

- 1-2 sprays mornings over Mayella Mutli Vitamin Enriched Whip to protect skin and create a luminous glow.


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